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forensic gait analysis services

Guidance for Footage to be used for Forensic Gait Analysis

The following guidance applies to all footage sent for analysis. We appreciate that it is not always possible to meet all of the criteria listed below, but every effort should be made wherever possible.


The footage should show the subject:

  • walking with a natural uninhibited movement (ie not affected by other people around them, not carrying objects and not wearing handcuffs)
  • undertaking as many consecutive steps as possible

  • from as many angles as possible

  • wearing normal footwear

Please ensure that:

  • the footage will play as sent on any PC or laptop

  • where the footage relies on proprietary software, clear instructions are submitted in conjunction with the footage

  • the footage submitted is limited to the relevant sections of the recordings

  • the footage is of as higher frame rate as possible

  • the footage is accompanied by short explanatory notes confirming the subject of interest and the timings at which they appear in the footage

Where the reference footage does not already exist, please attempt to ensure that:

  • the camera to subject angle is matched as closely as possible to that of the questioned footage

  • the subject’s walking speed is matched as closely as possible to that of the questioned footage

  • the frame rate is at least 8 frames per second or higher

  • there is a clear line of sight between the camera and subject throughout

  • the area where the image is to be captured is well lit, shadow free and without reflection interference

  • the image is not grainy and has good contrast

  • the whole of the body is in shot for as many steps as possible

  • the subject is wearing clothing that allows a clear view of foot and lower limb movement

  • the subject is wearing their shoes

There may be specific occasions on which these criteria need to vary in order to gain as close a match of the reference footage with the questioned footage.



Guidance developed in collaboration with Professor Wesley Vernon 

Forensic Podiatry Unit, Podiatry Service

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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