forensic gait analysis services
forensic gait analysis services


The aim of FGA Services is to provide our users with effective support and guidance to ensure that opportunities for the use of forensic gait analysis can be and are being fully utilized. We therefore offer a range of services, underpinned by current research and best practice, for use by the police, legal services, businesses and CCTV manufacturers and installers. We are also happy to provide input to education and continuing professional development programmes.

Our forensic gait analysis services include:

  • assessment of suitability of CCTV footage
  • forensic gait analysis
  • report production and presentation
  • independent report verification
  • advice on camera positioning
  • advice on system specification
  • introductory sessions on the use of forensic gait analysis


Forensic gait analysis can be used evidentially and as part of the investigative process. It can contribute to ruling suspects both in and out of an investigation. It also has the potential to be used to track the movement of suspects, using CCTV footage from sources in different geographical locations.

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